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I have. As soon as it's throat was cut, the animal was violently panicking in the metal restraint, chocking in it's own blood, over a period of about 5 minutes before it finally died.

4. As the brain message (EEG) dropped to zero level, the heart was still pounding and the body convulsing vigorously (a reflex action of the spinal cord) driving a maximum amount of blood from the body thus resulting in hygienic meat for the consumer.

If you look at this part of the research, it shows that the brain message is ZERO while the heart still beats and the body convulses. The animal could be considered brain dead which means it would be completely unaware of what is happening and it would not feel anything. However, the heart is still beating and the body begins to convulse. This is the whole point because it drains the body COMPLETELY from blood. You say that it takes 5 minutes for the animal to die? yes that is true, but it is 5 minutes for the BODY to die, the brain is already gone and the animal does not feel any pain nor is aware of what is happening. So therefore this method still causes the least pain and also is the most hygenic as it drains the blood completely. Bro, you should really check how complex the matter of food in Islam is. We are not allowed to eat things that are considered impure. It is really specific. For example, we are not allowed to eat any sea animals except from fish, but the fish dies naturally and floats in the water then it is forbidden as it is impure. Check this website:

And by the way I forgot to mention. The Holy Prophet said we are allowed blood from the liver or spleen, and the only dead meat we are allowed is fish and locust...

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