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> What about the fact that he encouraged the “halal” slaughter of animals which has been proven to cause the least pain to the animal

I'm sorry, but we stun our animals before killing them so they feel no pain at all, instead of as little as possible.

> So far I feel you have made quite a lot of assumptions.

True, but none of my assumptions involved a magical, invisible, all-powerfull being to back them up.

> First of all he was uneducated and unable to read/write.

Possible, but uneducated does not mean dumb and it would not have been in his best interest to appear clueless, so he probably made an effort to educate himself.

> I find that it is strange for this sort of person to speak about such things even though they do not have simple education.

Many brilliant people in the past spoke of such things without having had a formal education.

> You also say that the Holy Prophet could have observed quite a lot of things. But the simple fact is that many of the things he speaks about have not been mentioned in other books in history even after his time.

A lot of it is carved in stone on egyptian walls, though.

> Okay the Egyptians might have discovered some things but you are then assuming the Holy Prophet was the only man at the time to dive into water to discover layers in the sea etc,

No, but this would have been seen as true knowledge by others that did.

> he was the only man at the time to notice the movement of everything in the universe, and that he was the only man at the time to notice the miscarriage of babies.

> No, but this would have been seen as true knowledge by others that did.

> And by the way, he didn’t only describe one stage of pregnancy.

Miscarriages can happen in any stage of pregnancy, and you only need to talk to a midwife to get the inside info.

> This arises the assumption that he was the ONLY man at throughout history to do this,

Possible, since most midwives are women.

> because it is NOT recorded in any other historical text

There are drawings of fetuses that pre-date Muhammed.

> Plus he was uneducated

But not dumb.

> and the microscope wasn’t even invented at the time,

That's true.

> so I seriously doubt he would have such confidence especially for an uneducated man, to speak of such matters.

Even false prophets making bogus claims have the confidence of a man inspired by god himself.

> In the Quran Allah mentions the destruction of many nations and by archeological findings they have been proven to be true

That goes without question, otherwise you wouldn't need archeologists.

> it uses the word “pierce”. This is because it gives the image of it being penetrated ie a hole. The word dark is also used. Therefore dark + hole = black hole. That is my opinion and many other muslim, you may not agree but oh well.

So you are sure this is about black holes and not a metaphorical verse about sex with dark skinned women?

> You know yourself the Quran is full of vast knowledge.

But so far only knowledge that is implied or - when it's specific - not impossible for a reasonably bright arab to figure out in 23 years.

The Quran is, first and foremost, a literary marvel. It is the pinnacle of Arabic literature.

The verses are not supposed to be read, they are supposed to be chanted out loud as they were when they were written down.

My assumption is that there are many contributors to Quran, that it is not just the word of Allah recited by Muhammed.

Reason I say this is because there were regional differences in the verses when they came to assemble all pieces of Quran into one book.
Some verses are known to have originated from just two people who claimed they heard them from Muhammed.

> there are some things that you just wouldn’t sacrifice such as porn or pork.

Yeah, browsing for porn is a god-given right!