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It did, and killed most of the dinosaurs.

Then do you not see that we are still here because the human race has a purpose. Allah has dictated how the human race will end. He will bring the earth to an end and we will be ressurected. I guarantee you that our universe is in perfect balance, we will not be wiped out by anything other than Allah.

I know it's not. It's expanding. A balanced universe would not expand nor contract.

Balanced in what way? The universe follows laws which means that even though it is changing in size, everything still follows laws and orbits exist so that nothing can wipe out the human race. And by the universe expanding, it decreases the chance of collisions anyway....

No, but people knew this well over 6000 years ago, and this knowledge may well have come to Muhammed from one of his followers in the 23 years or so he worked on Quran.

But the point is, that along with EVERYTHING else cannot be argued with. If you read the stuff I posted, you will see that the Quran dictates embryology which noone knew before this time. Infact some people learned more. (see my next post).

I'm sorry, but the muslims around here all eat themselves an indigestion during ramadam. They eat nothing during the day and then stuff their faces until they're ready to puke at night. And then they're sleepy the entire day and get into accidents.

Well, we are not supposed to eat in excess. You see, when we are allowed to eat, at the same time on of our prayers has began, therefore good muslims only eat a little then go pray, and then eat more later, and have an early night. I fast myself, so I am in a perfect condition to say it does work. And it also teaches us restraint - trust me you value food and water MORE during that month.

Fasting is not good for your body, it causes your metabolism to change gear and increases the likelyhood of obesity. This is why all those crash-diet schoolgirls end up like chamber-elephants.

Well, you are arguing with proven things here. Many people (professionals in the field) would agree that fasting benefits our bodys too, aswell as that, there are all the benefits I wrote above.

Aw, come on. What about Fugu? Pigeons? Rats? (They're really teaming with disease) I can think of hundereds of foodstuffs that are far more dangerous than pork, yet Quran mentions only Pork?

Yes, but the Quran tells us the foods we CAN and CANNOT eat. So its not only pork we cannot eat.

I like pork, and I'll happily trade some health for it's smooth, delicious taste.

That seems logical...

Yeah, that's why most of the muslims I went to school with had zits the size of mount vesuvius.

Yes I too suffered from acne, but that does not dismiss the fact that pork causes pimples! You havent really broken what the Quran proves, YES muslims may get spots but that doesnt mean pork is good for you

So why didn't Allah give Muhammed the concepts of Toilets and Sewers?

Well I will research into that. BUT our Holy Prophet taught us lots of things to keep clean. He had few clothes but they were always spotlessly clean. He kept his teeth clean too by chewing on branches of trees. One person said he seen the Holy Prophet walking and there was a full moon, but the Holy Prophets smile was brighter than the moon. There is also a story where the candle went out and as the Prophets wife was sewing, she dropped her needle and fumbled about looking for it. The Holy Prophet smiled and his teeth lit the room and she found the needle. Our Holy Prophet also adviced us about trimming pubic hair, armpits, cutting our nails etc. ASWELL as cleaning ourselves five times a day. There was a story recently when a man was performing abolution in the toilets of a plane so he could pray. Someone on the plane told him he could not do that because his feet were dirty and he cannot wash them. But the man replied: "How many times do you wash your face in a day?" the woman replied: "once or twice". The man replied: "I wash my feet 5 times a day, so they are cleaner than your face". Anyway my point is, Islam teaches hygeine.

I'm sorry, muslims eat hundered of tonnes of non-halal meat imported with false halal-certificates. It doesn't appear to slow them down.

Well these muslims are not true muslims. True muslims would never do that. May Allah forgive them.

So you eat your meat raw off a live animal?

No, we say "I start in the name of Allah the most merciful the most kind" and then cut the animal from their neck. This causes the blood to COMPLETELY drain out of the body. This causes the LEAST pain to the animal and has been proven to keep meat stay fresher. Does this answer your question?

The Maasai diet comprises primarily of meat and milk, however it is forbidden to mix the two. The Maasai create a drink made from milk and blood which is created by puncturing the loose flesh on the cow's neck with an arrow. They're not dying at quite the rate you'd think.

Then maybe it is because it is a mixture of milk and blood and not pure blood. I will find out about this.

I don't know where he got the idea, but drinking blood is not harmful. At least, not more harmful than drinking water (which may also contain germs)
Yes but our prophet teaches us to beware of dirty water etc. Infact he tells us to look into our glass when we drink. This benefits us in a few ways. Firstly it looks modest, secondly, if by chance there is something in your drink, you will see it before you consume it. Once I went to a shop and bought a bottle of 7up, when I was drinkin it I felt something touch my lips, it was a wasp but anyway If I kept my eyes on the drink I would not have let it touch my lips. I of course threw the crap away. :mad: