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Ooh, but there have been collisions which could have wiped us out, and there will be collisions which may wipe us out. Don't think Allah will stop an asteroid the size of tibet obliterating the planet.

> But what I am saying is, how come it hasnt already happened?

It did, and killed most of the dinosaurs.

> This universe IS balanced, you know that yourself.

I know it's not. It's expanding. A balanced universe would not expand nor contract.

> The moon, sun and earth all have their own orbits and everything. The universe has laws which keeps it in perfect balance

No, the universe does not keep things in balance. What is left after the universe's laws are all applied are in balance. (This is the balancing stone story again: the fact the stone is in balance does not mean Allah put it there, just that it hasn't fallen.)

> The sun and the moon (move) under a mathematical calculation.
> [Al-Quran 55:5] Are you telling me that is vague?

No, but people knew this well over 6000 years ago, and this knowledge may well have come to Muhammed from one of his followers in the 23 years or so he worked on Quran.

> Fasting gives the digestive system a much-needed rest

I'm sorry, but the muslims around here all eat themselves an indigestion during ramadam. They eat nothing during the day and then stuff their faces until they're ready to puke at night. And then they're sleepy the entire day and get into accidents.

Fasting is not good for your body, it causes your metabolism to change gear and increases the likelyhood of obesity. This is why all those crash-diet schoolgirls end up like chamber-elephants.

> Pork

Aw, come on. What about Fugu? Pigeons? Rats? (They're really teaming with disease) I can think of hundereds of foodstuffs that are far more dangerous than pork, yet Quran mentions only Pork?

I like pork, and I'll happily trade some health for it's smooth, delicious taste.

> Pork Causes pimples

Yeah, that's why most of the muslims I went to school with had zits the size of mount vesuvius.

> In the villages they don’t have modern toilets and the villagers excrete in the open air.

So why didn't Allah give Muhammed the concepts of Toilets and Sewers?

> dead meat.

I'm sorry, muslims eat hundered of tonnes of non-halal meat imported with false halal-certificates. It doesn't appear to slow them down.

> As soon as something ‘dies’ it rots and loses its goodness

So you eat your meat raw off a live animal?

> If man drinks blood, all these germs will be carried to man, thus leading to so many diseases such hyper-uremia leading to renal failure, or hyper-ammoniaemia leading to hepatic coma.

The Maasai diet comprises primarily of meat and milk, however it is forbidden to mix the two. The Maasai create a drink made from milk and blood which is created by puncturing the loose flesh on the cow's neck with an arrow. They're not dying at quite the rate you'd think.

> Point to be noted is that, How Mohammad (SAW) know that drinking blood is harmful?

I don't know where he got the idea, but drinking blood is not harmful. At least, not more harmful than drinking water (which may also contain germs)