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Originally Posted by Rukuss View Post
Nah love king James, D-wade, Howard, Rose, Paul Pierce, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin,T Parker, Tim Dunkin,Deron Williams, A Bynum, OJ Mayo, Nowitzki, Durant, J Harden the list goes on, notice no Mello or Kobie

Old School, Bird, Magic, Hakeem, Clyde, Larry Johnson, Malone, Stoketon, Pipen, Starks, Oakley, Mason, Sadel Threat, Byron Scott, Jordan, Patrick, Oneal, Penny, Baby Jordan, Kareem, Marley, Chambers, Desmond Mason,Chocolate thunder, MOB, Robert Horry, D Rodmen, Kemp, Porter, the list goes on.
But wait you said you didn't like Kobe because of his ego. Seriously it must be something else. I think just a few of the guys you mentioned have bigger egos than Kobe.

You mentioned some great basketball players. I think you are a closet Kobe fan. Come on we will let you out and into the fan club. He is a pretty good player and fun to watch.