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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
And he's got another four. Nothing any of us can do about it but hope he sticks to his word.

I for one hope he truly meant it when he said last night that he wanted to work together across the aisle and work with Romney to discuss things, even though I know hope is not a method.
If the republicans would hold everything hostage Goethe same of the 1% we could get some things done. The jobs bill and the debt ceiling talks failed because Republicans didn't want to discuss any bill that included a repeal of bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans. But there were willing to discuss cuts to those who need it most. When someone announces their opposition to discuss compromise publicly to the media before talks begin, you know there is no hope for compromise.

Also, the debt will go down now that the economy is starting to roll. It's funny hearing the republicans talk about the deficit and how it's out of hand when they are always the ones screwing it up (relative to GDP of course).