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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
I'd imagine that's a little heavy / bulky for carry? Unless you can open carry?
I used to want to carry a compact variant of a 1911. But after reading a few articles and seeing guys in active shooting classes, the pros vs cons weigh out toward polymer frame, higher mag capacity pistols. All the guys with glocks for M&Ps were almost always faster and more accurate than guys with 1911 variants. When you can carry double the rounds in a lighter more concealable package, it just makes sense. I mean people carry different pistols for different reasons, but for everyday carry, it's hard to displace a high capacity 9mm in a small package.

I mean don't get me wrong, when i go pig hunting, i carry my FNX45. Which is what i mean when i said people carry different pistols for different reasons.
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