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Originally Posted by Feyd
An old Land Rover with an electrical issue? Never.

Universal fix:
  1. Dig Hole
  2. Bury Land Rover
  3. Buy new Land Rover

Could be a seatbelt sensor.. I used to have to replace those in my old VW all the time.

Good luck with it. There really is no kind of (non dealer) specialist near where you live?
Where I live, Edwardsburg, MI, the best restaurant is also the bait shop.....we have two stop lights and are still getting used to the second no....not really.

There are a couple specialist shops in the Indiana border towns but only for BMW and MB. The only one I found while searching that deals with Disco is in Churubusco, In.....not really closer than a dealer. I was just thinking that with all the international presence on this site....someone might have a quick solution for me.........