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My days as a 335i driver are numbered.

About 107 as I figure it to the end of my lease. I have decided not to get another 335i or BMW. First of all, I have enjoyed the 335i. Great car, fun to drive. Very good performance. Good gas mileage when performance is figured in. I like the styling of the Coupe. Sedan is not as appealing to me but nevertheless quite nice as well. Few service issue and free maintenance. BUT, I feel that I would be unhappy leasing another 335i, since it would be basically the same car. IF I got the M sport, it would be slightly different, but probably not enough to seem like a significant improvement or change from what I am currently driving. I also have never been happy with the exterior color choices and the M sport limits it even further. I have never been able to get comfortable in the Premium seats. With a new model expected for 2011, I would be unhappy not driving the latest model for 2 1/2 yrs, Don't want to go through the hassle of buying the car and then trading it in 6 months. So what am I getting you ask? I just ordered an 2010 S4 sedan. Would have really liked the S5 but won't have another Audi with the gas guzzling 4.2 V8. Ordered a Brilliant red 6MT with CF trim and black leather seats with the sport dif. Paying almost exactly what I am currently paying to lease my 335i. Only difference is it is a 42 month lease rather than a 36 month lease and I'm putting down a extra $1k at lease inception.

I will continue to enjoy the 335i for as long as I have left in my lease. I will have a set of staggered 19" Moven BRs Breyton Spirit wheels with General UHP tires to sell at a good price if anyone has interest. Rear tires still have decent tread since they are my second set of tires that I have put on the rears. Fronts are usable but not for long. BTW, I have enjoyed posting and becoming more informed about my car on this forum. Keep up the good work when I am gone.
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