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Originally Posted by apexit4 View Post
Congrats on the awesome present. If I may ask, did you get GA tickets or grandstand tickets?

I ask because if you received GA tickets, then make sure to walk around all of the track on the days leading up to the race to find the best viewing spot. Then make sure to get to the track early to save yourself a spot. If you have grandstand tickets, it makes your life much easier but still make sure to walk around the whole track to see the cars at different spots. They'll look and sound different in different areas (i.e. in the braking zones, flat out on the straight, cornering in the esses).

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes since you'll be doing a lot of walking regardless where you are sitting.

Aside from the F1 racing, there will be a few support races as well. They can be fun to watch as well. There's usually a "support paddock" for these series that's accessible to fans. You can usually get much closer to these cars and even talk with the drivers and mechanics.

They also have a tower at the track that supposedly gives you a great view of the entire track. Might be worth checking out, especially during a practice session to get a different perspective of the cars and the speed.

Good info.
GA I suppose, i have a seat on turn 4.
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