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Originally Posted by scooba0010 View Post
Rolex ,

Here in the UK the prices are just going up and up and to be honest there is lots of Second hand dross about so much so i have purchased a couple from the US George AB from the Rolex forums being one guy I have bought from ,You are lucky as it seams you have more choice and better watches, for those of you who think I am talking rubbish I have been buying Rolex from 1993 and have had around 100 in and out and currently have around 20 exaggerating NO !

I sold around 25 watches between Oct 2012 till May 2013 , From my experience Breitlings however cheap you buy them when you sell them it wont have been cheap enough,I have been badly burnt same with Cartier ,I have found in the UK almost any Rolex Sport/Professional watch will return you the money you put in buy at a decent discount keep everything as it should be all tags, papers ,cards etc together

Servicing buyers choice but to be honest I think people who don't service them are just cutting corners .Do you think the tiny seals in the trip lock don't dry out and will stay water proof for 10-15 yrs , I was told 4-5 yrs and service mine at 6-7 yrs for peace of mind . I reduced my collection because I couldn't keep track of what I had and the servicing etc, As above I Sold heavily and put the money into some more expensive Rolex so now have four 18k pieces One GMT ceramic, One White Gold Sub, Two Daytonas one White One Rose.

I have had lots of people knock Rolex I used to be defensive but as my Wife said it is Jealousy and there you go ,I dont tend to let it bother me now ,Having owned Rolex from March 27 1993 and I still have that Sub date 16610 that just happens to be at Bexley Service Centre UK on its 3 rd service and a new Bracelet being fitted for its 20th Birthday .

ENJOY your watches wear them in good health knowing you can always sell them getting 90% off your money back .
Nice post. thanks for sharing your story! Any pics??

And I do agree about the value. Most watches drop right after you put it on your wrist.. Rolex is one of the only brands that I've found that truly holds its value, minus hand built watches and limited editions!
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