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Aftermarket windshield, not even once.

As someone who notices details like slight visual distortion an aftermarket windshield (usually of inferior quality) would drive me nuts. Also, only the OEM windshield was extensively tested for all the various safety requirements in the original application; it being the only thing between me and rocks and other things at 80mph or how it behaves in a severe accident is very important to me. An aftermarket windshield was not tested in extreme crashes and impacts on your car; the OEM was, and it performs to spec when it actually matters.

Also, the two things I check first when evaluating a used car:
1) All matching OEM or same quality tires (no Hankooks or worse, saw a E39 M5 on eBay recently with Champion tires, had to give a moment of silence for that car.)
2) OEM glass
Substitutes in this area signal cost cutting by the previous owner in critical areas; on to the next car.
I can't be the only one.

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