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Originally Posted by Negotiator View Post
1. They are not different through police enforcement, they are just different. Cops can only enforce the law. Therefore they can't accommodate justice since they are bound by law, right? That's my point.

2. You assume I don't understand your motives, fine, your particular motives don't matter in this discussion. Every individual acts rationally, even when they think they aren't. Self-sacrifice is possible only because of the psychological benefit of doing so that outweighs the fear of death. And we've come full circle where you admit that you're not serving for me. Great, that's my point. You serve for yourself, for the feeling of being a man that lives by his principles. That's important.

3. My point is mainly that a job is a job. I'm not bashing anyone, all I want is for the charade to stop. A lot of shortcomings are justified by "I served", or "I keep you safe at night" rhetoric, and that's where I have a problem. Just because someone puts their ass on the line doesn't mean they can justify their shitty attitudes, or worse, actions by that.

4. Just because I haven't served doesn't mean I haven't seen a fair share of fucked up shit. Growing up in a Soviet block country in the 90s had it's fair share of inconvenient factors.
Finaly. A rebuttal I can respect and understand. I can't say I fully disagree with eveything you said here. I think we understand each other now.

1) Justice is subjective. Ask yourself what is absolute justice. For the most part, justice is served when an officer on front line does what is necessary and the bad guy is incapacitated to do anymore harm from there on.

2) If we can't live by principles, then what use is morals, values and ethics?

3) Agree. I never throw my service in anyone's face unless they blatantly disrepect and disregard human sacrifices in the name for a better tomorrow.

4) America is great isn't it?

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