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Originally Posted by 335R1 View Post
Soldiers never forget their purpose and cause. I'm not a public servant to you or anyone else. I did what I did for the love of a piece of paper written a couple hundred years ago that means more to me than fighting or protecting your "god given rights" or the kid from princeton who graduated top of his class with a degree in finance. You only reaped the benefits of our sacrifice so check yourself at the welcome mat. You swing a double edge sword by speaking of respect for the job then you throw in a fu attitude at the end.

Take a few classes on the law and our justice system before you make anymore assasine comments. If you did, you'd notice how politics, economy and culture has change policing roles throughout the century. I will admit the system is imperfect and changes still have to be made, but so far no one here yet has made an intellectual comment on that. Instead we've gotten irrelevant and out of scope comments about bad experiences with the "po-pos". You generalize the badge and uniform and you applied it everywhere. Rational thought has escaped you for you can't converse on the subject with an unbiased attitude. Some cops are assholes and some are corrupt, what's your point? Assholes and corruption do not limit themselves to the boys in blue. I can make points from many different avenues, but for the sake of arguement, I'll stay on the subject of police culture and social order.

For the record, I disagree with the article. I can however, understand why the author is bitter that law enforcement is overcast by athletes. Further analysis will show its mostly economics. Sadly enough, it also shows an issue with American values and morals. But that's another debate.
Actually, you are a public servant because you get paid by tax money. Also, my "assinine" comment about the difference of the concept of Law and concept of Justice still stands. That can be evidenced, as you pointed out, by the constantly changing law to accomodate for a better system of justice.

I don't generalize the badge. I'm pointing out my experience with people who have jobs where they get shot at, including those on this forum. You talk like you're doing everyone this huge self-sacrificing favor. What the fuck do you think you were doing for me in Iraq? Really? Protecting me from Saddam? Pack your shit and come home, I'll manage that security risk.

My biggest point is this: Stop the bravado. People take worse risks in shitty neighborhoods in the states (where the police are nowhere to be found, by the way) doing day-to-day tasks with a huge risk of getting mugged and killed. They don't go around telling people how they are there so others don't have to do it. They are there because that's the best they could do, and because they need a paycheck.