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if i was driving a gt2 i wouldnt go all out and try to get it totalled for a stupid nissan. At the end of the day the porsche is the daddy of the two. I will never believe the times for the GTR, a car that heavy can not do times like that. Are you guys forgetting those are pretty damn CLOSE times to a zanda and all the other exotics. A car that weights 3800 pounds will not have better handeling then a car weighting 3050 pounds, technology can not change pyshics.....

i want to hear how its technologically possibly or physically possible how a 3800 pig making 480hp can outpace and outhandle a 3050lb 530 and 5xx torque monster....

So the GTR all of a sudden changed the game and did something no one can do? Are they magicians?

Please dont bring up AWD, we are talking about a gt2, the next best model from porsche besides the Carrera GT...

Its not possible, this car had to have something done, it was eithier a special model(lighter) or used more power, or something.

I would love to hear a reason to the above....

Even a gt3 at laguna seca takes the gtrs.....(my customer , unbiased tells me).

A gt2 is a monster in the straights, not even a z06 keeps up.