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Originally Posted by Longboarder
Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
I don't know the altitude of this particular place in Mexico but I'd be surprised if a 458 would trap lower then 125mph there, we're talking about a car that trap 132mph in good conditions! Since you're knoledgable
about these cars, I'd be curious to know what is the best traps you've seen for a stock turbo 335 on pump gaz!
Not exactly sure, but on average the last I checked (a year ago or so), at sea level, pump gas e85 335's can make 450 RWHP and trap 120-124. Pump gas + water/meth 335's make 400-430 RWHP and trap 118-120. Tune only 335's on pump are something like 350-370 RWHP and trap anywhere from 109-113. At 5,000 feet these numbers are affected but not as much as an NA car like the 458 or ESS S/C M3. The OP make 613 RWHP but that was "corrected". In reality his car only made something like 500 RWHP but the dyno whether station adjusted for altiture through the barometric pressure variable.
So you probably agree that a stock turbo 335 will need ALL the stars alligned(+ all the bolt-ons and probably e85) to be able to beat a 458 on the highway, IF this is even possible!

I'm not doubting COMplex but he said that stock turbo and a tune will do the job to beat a 458, I'd really like to know what mods he has and how much hp!