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Originally Posted by Bmw135er
Originally Posted by Alex07M3
As for the supercharged cars being less affected then N/A cars, I would expect a ESS car to be a lot more affected by altitude then the usual car that's is supercharged from the factory since the blower always spins at the same speed no matter the density of the air, which means our car can have a big variation in boost depending on the altitude! I'm no expert but that's the way I see it!
That hurt my brain lol! Does ESS use an altitude challenged vortech unit or do the cars have a different redline than that of a car at or close to sea level? You do realize that supercharger's rpm is directly proportional to the engine's, no?
What car are we discussing here that is supercharged from the factory? :
Exactly, if the s/c spin at the same RPM no matter the air density, then the blower should build less psi when the air is less dense! No!? : Please, correct me if there's something I don't understand!

As for factory supercharged cars, like an S4, they have target boost just like turbo cars, so the computer will compensate for thin air by making the blower spin faster to produce that target boost, no!? : Maybe I'm beside the track here but if so drop your poutine and explain!