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Originally Posted by dogbone View Post
Nice! Yeah, he sounded very excited.

I gotta say, your car was just ferocious in chasing down those 4-wheel drive cars that were leaping off the line.

So, what are you most concerned about in the future? 1/4 mile? 1/2 mile? Trap speeds? Max top speed? All of the above?

I'll be interested to hear about your future runs! Hopefully, you can find the perfect pavement!
I am mostly concerned about the engine life...)

As for the results and records, I would say that this car could be 1 mile trap speed champion amongst all BMWs ever.....)))) But there is no competition to measure and document that result... Anyway, I would try to obtain every possible distance/time result using my Racelogic.

Max top speed is the same as previously (338-339 per GPS) cause gear ratio is STOCK) And I am reaching that top speed soooo fast))))))

The most interesting and real is 1/2 mile trap speed record. But in US you are measuring this from 50 kmh and that is only the dream for me here: only standing 1/2 mile competition. And even that competition is not planned for this year. So, would try to use Racelogic and measure the speed.

So, the only competition where I could take part is 1/4 mile drag race on professional surface, which should be organized 9-10 September. The goal is under 10,5sec and 142+ trap speed. Will see)