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Originally Posted by gfisher99 View Post
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Mine did not sound like that. Only one strong noise 1-2 seconds after cranking the engine.
Almost like the tensioner kicks in 100% force and then all is quiet. Now if the tensioner never kicks is then it may very well sound like that. When I was playing with the part it looks like it is spring loaded from the inside plus hydraulic activation.
I only replaced the passenger side and I think it fixed my problem there but I still have the one noise left that I think it's from the driver side tensioner now. When I put the new one in it went in by hand very easily about 3/4 of the way then I used the wrench.
Man, I don't get that. There was no way mine was going back in by hand, even to just catch the first thread. I tried pushing the guide with my finger a bit to see how tight it was and it was super solid, couldn't really move it. It was pushed as far to the center of the engine as it could be. Now you've got me wondering again....

If you do the driver side please let me know how that one goes. It might be different, based on the engine pics?
I'm trying to get the driver side out but it seems a lot harder to break it loose.
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