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Originally Posted by Tuned1 View Post
I like engineer for accuracy but I use assault most. Sniper is great for a couple of those maps as well. I guess you could say I bounce between the three.

Here's another question, what's with the limited amount of maps? Again, I'm only ranked level 2 and I'm already tired of these few levels. Are there more coming out to download?
For assualt I prefer the an-94 which is a 2-burst shot. If you want a full auto I would go with the M416. The gernade launcher is pretty effective at taking out walls and people behind it. You have to be more precise with it if you want to take someone out in an open area, since it doesn't have a big explosion area. The shot gun attachment is really effective in close quarters. With the smoke lanucher you can take people out if you hit them driectly other then that it's good cover. Also prefer the red dot over the iron sights and 4x scope, just use what you find more comfortable though.

For the engineer I would go with the AKS-74U KRINKOV and the M136 rocket launcher since you can it's laser guided, don't know if you can do that with the Gustav.

For sniper the GOL is probably the best choice. Personally sniping in hardcore would be the best since you can take everyone out in one hit. You really don't even need to use the magnum ammo, I use the body armor and can sometimes withstand one hit from other snipers depending on what weapon their using as long as it's not a head shot.

For pistol I go with the Rex, followed by the WWII M1911 .45. The M93R BURST seems pretty interesting since it's a 20 round mag with a 3 bullet burst. Your probably don't have many of these unlocked yet but it shouldn't take you long at all. Also if you ever play medic go for the m60, one of the most over powered weapons in the game lol.

They did add a few maps about a week and a half ago, their not really new but the added a conquest for Arica harbor and a rush for the jungle map, don't know what it's called. The maps don't seem to get boring as long as your cycling through them. Can't believe I wrote so much, then again had nothing better to do this late haha. I'm sure other people could add some more insight.