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One other thing I should mention...on hindsight

Having DSC on killed me on autox mostly because I was making the car unstable. The instructor that drove me around the first time (with DSC on) was fast. So in retrospect, the fact that DSC was killing me was more a fault with my driving, destabilizing the car, than with DSC. I'm now between two minds about DSC, turn it off and have more fun or leave it on and work on my driving skills. It's an interesting question.... As a learner would I learn more by practicing how to go fast with DSC on (meaning I would need to have much more consideration of the stability of the car and approach to corners) or would I be better learning the raw approach to controlling the car without DSC and working on stability/speed from that angle.
Seems like working with DSC on is prevention whereas working with DSC off is cure, and we all know the proverb.

Personally, the fun aspect, DSC Off, is what I'm loving now, but I wonder if the approach..
Step 1. Become fast with DSC on
Step 2. Become faster with DSC off
might not be better for me as a novice?

Any comments?