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Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
^This...Dinan fixed camber plates do not significantly increase camber (compared to an adjustable camber plate) and if your camber is now only -1.7 deg then you'll be fine on the street. Going from -1.2 deg to -1.7 deg is not a huge change so the shape/size of the tire contact patch is pretty much the same - the harshness you are experiencing is not due to the addition of fixed camber plates nor running on the sidewall of the tire. Also, Dinan's camber plate design won't cause any increase in NVH either (it's a flat piece of metal).

Are you using reduced-height front strut upper spring mounts? Stock or Dinan bumpstops? If you are using stock mounts and stops then you are probably hitting the bumpstops more frequently with your lower ride height (if not constantly riding on the stops), and with stiffer Dinan springs, this would increase harshness.

As for street/track camber here are my front settings:
-street -2.0 deg
-track -2.5 to -3.0 deg
Dinan supplied a stock BMW upper spring mount alon with their camber platers. Its stock be cause BMW numbers match up. Bumpstops are stock as none were supplied by Dinan. I don't think I'm hitting the bump stops. I will give it a couple of days and let you know my review.

Thanks for the input.