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Camber question

Hi Guys,

So I've installed Dinan springs (only the front for now, rear will follow tomorrow), lower control arm bushing replacement and front camber plates ... review soon to follow. From what I've read, Dinan stage 1&2 camber plates give you -1.2 degrees. Stage 3 gives you -1.7 degrees. I'm not sure which one I got, but I will find out.

Anyways, I'm not a big fan of how the car sits (front). Looks like the -1.7 but I'm not sure yet. It almost looks too agressive for the street and I'm concerned of losing the inside of the tire. Also, I don't know what is the cause (springs, monoball or camber plates) but the car got noticably stiffer. Stiffer but not bouncy. It feels like I switched to a 20 series tire, every expansion joint, every bump, pot hole, etc are now evident. Its not necessarily bad if you want to know if your tires ran over a nickel all the time, but seems a bit harsh for DD. It might be because I'm riding more on the sidewall. I highly doubt that its the springs since they are only 13.5mm (stock are 12.7) so not a big increase in thickness, and spirals are the same. Back to my question.

What camber do you guys run for the street? for the track?