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Originally Posted by jjw2331 View Post
As a fellow wolverine, I'm glad to hear you are alright. That blow out must of been startling!

Im also glad to hear your car is in good hands. It's also nice to know that BMW assist took care of you. I wish you the best to many more miles in your beast.
Thanks man. Yeah, I feel good knowing that there are people behind the scene working hard to help BMW customers in trouble. I'm still gonna get out there and tear up the roads. Can't keep the beast down! Go Blue!

Originally Posted by Ghetto2315 View Post
This makes me concerned about driving up to Vermont from NJ. Should I get a blowout or a flat, I'm SOL.
Nah man. I think it was just bad luck. You'll be fine. I'd love to take a trip up to Vermont one day. It must be scenic at this time of the year. I love the fall. Have a good trip!

Originally Posted by M3RD View Post
Sorry to hear about your experience, glad to see all worked out in the end.

I hit a large pothole last year in Chicago it also was around midnight ... I was lucky no blow out only rim damage resulted it was also around midnight and raining cats and dogs ...
Thanks Rolf-Dieter! Sorry you had to deal with a cracked wheel. Hope you made it out ok. It's not the wheel hanging on your garage wall, is it?

Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
Glad to hear every thing worked out and only the tire needed to be replaced!
Thanks man. I'm assuming the wheel is fine. The SA didn't say if there was any damage to the wheel, other than the cosmetics. The car is driving beautifully.

Originally Posted by Gkap View Post
I would have called friends to bring me a spare!

glad everything worked out for you
Thanks man. I had a hard time calling my dad let alone a friend. M3 drivers don't have friends, remember? haha I just don't like troubling anyone. I'm a loner.

Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Glad it all worked out OP. But at 14K all 4 tires had good tread life? Were all those miles on the same set? At 14K mine needed to be replaced. Granted I do almost zero highway miles and those 14K miles included 4 dry track days and 2 wet, but I'm surprised they didn't at least replace the other tire on the same axle.
Yep, they are the original Continentals that came with the car when delivered. I don't track the car, so I'm thinking I just don't drive it hard enough. I wish I had the balls to oversteer on to the on-ramps. j/k I'd like to go to the M driving school then maybe take my car to the track. Then, I'll see what this beast can really do.

I do feel like the rears are wearing out faster than the fronts. I'm gonna replace them with the Michelins when the time comes. I gotta see for myself if they're that different.
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