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Originally Posted by LostPanda View Post
This was the same fitment I had. I really didn't have any complaints because, really you get what you paid for. Lets be honest; 250 for an M3 lip. However, I did leave a review. I think i gave it a 7/10... cant remember. On the other hand, my lip came well packaged, quick, with no damages. I've had mine since his first batch (since last spring), its aquired a few scrapes and bumps, and held together well. Great price for something youre bound to bash up. Now that I've learned gaging the lip on road, I think Ill invest in a better fit and finish lip when the funds open up. Its all about mind set when it comes to this lip or anything cheap for that matter.
While I agree with you, I ended up paying $320 for something that looked like it would fit (based on their Instagram page). For 100 bucks more, I could've gotten something locally that would have actually fit the car. That's my regret.

What really grinds my gears is the way people defend the lip. It's not a great lip and the fitment is not great. Hell it's barely acceptable standing 10 feet away. Sure, it's a good beater but you're giving it way too much credit.

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