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Originally Posted by technik View Post
Boost is 0.5bar or about 7.5psi. Only mod is an RPI GT exhaust system. A blend of 91/100 was in the tank for these runs.

Just the nature of the engine, you can see the ECU adjust the vanos around 7500 (note slight dip in HP/TQ) to maintain the torque peak but it runs out of steam around 8K. Nonetheless, 90% of peak torque is available from 4-8K, which is nice.

Not yet, still making adjustments for all fuel octane ratings, 91, 93 and racegas. Will be doing a 1500 mile roadtrip this week to further test reliability. I'll post updates about this project as we get closer to finishing the final tune.
Just brainstorming then here, but then is one to infer there is power to be shifted up top with a set of Schrick cams?

Just looking ahead, for shits and giggles, would one be able to run an NA aftermarket cam with an SC without needing a custom tune?