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Originally Posted by Negotiator View Post
Soldiers don't fight for a cause, they serve in the military and do what is asked, going above in beyond in many cases. That doesn't constitute believing in a cause. I have at least 4 friends that have, or are currently deployed in Iraq, all excellent soldiers, and none agreeing with the war and the administration's handling of it. Don't speak for everyone in the service, I don't think many will appreciate it.
You know 4 soldiers? I have led and served with thousands. They believe in what they are doing and the re-enlistment rates prove it. The war in Iraq has been going on for 5 years now. Virtually every soldier who is currently serving has either enlisted or re-enlisted since it began. They know what they signed up for and their sacrifice should never be used to make political points.

Pakistan is that way... *points*
believe it or not, the US military is capable of doing two things at once. I find it amazing that people will constantly complain (incorrectly) that we have "gone it alone" in Iraq and then also complain that in Afghanistan we should not rely on our allies to do what they committed to.

No, what he's proposing is withdrawal. What will happen is every faction will mow each other down, until someone much worse than Saddam will come to power, now under religious pretenses. And that will happen regardless of how long we maintain a presense there. Look at Russia, it's bedlam without a strong single governor ruling the country...I don't think Putin is an angel, but what he did with regards to revitilizing Russia as a world power has been extraordinary.
Withdrawing from the field of battle is surrender.

So Arabs are incapable of self-government? They should just butcher each other until another dictator takes control and bleeds them some more? Do you recommend the same solution to the Arab-Israeli problem? Would you approve of the Israelis slaughtering the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza to solve that problem as well?

The sanctions were put into place to prevent Iraq from producing chemical and nuclear weapons, and after 12 years - there weren't any. You're right, utter failure.
You really should take the time to actually read what were Iraq's obligations under the ceasefire resolutions.

When has a UN peacekeeping deployment force proven incapable? The military record is spotless. The fact that UN is careful about deploying them, is another story, which is called diplomacy. Foreign terms to the current administration...
Yes, not a spot of success. How successful were UN forces in the Sinai in 1967? How about Lebanon? Rwanda? Srebrenica?

Do you not see the missing link in stabilizing an unstable region, making friends within hostile regions...
You mean like the new friendly governments in Iraq and Afghanistan, the newly contrite Libya, or maybe the Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman,...

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