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> So why the threats from Husker's attorney to sue for libel?

Because Husker is out of ideas; and they are trying to get everyones attention.

I *ass*ume that the two attorneys' postings; are an orchestrated carrot & stick drill. My interpretation:

- Carrot: Ken gets the car
- Stick: Get the financing closed, pronto. Time has nearly expired, yet again(?)
- Carrot: Free covered transport to CA (~$1,500 by private carrier?)
- Stick: We've got $6B and we're willing to use it to burn your house down unless the abuse stops *now*

> So why the threats from Husker's attorney to sue for libel?

Because polite reminders and blunt reminders to act civilly are apparently, being ignored by some.

Calling the store? Calling parents? Calling siblings? Calling uninvolved staff? At home? At all hours? Answering machines? Hacking? THREATS?!?! All WRONG.

Remember Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

Jeff describes actions that are depriving some mighty basic needs (sleep and security). Deprive anyone of those basics, and they are certain to get very aggressive.

As to the report that the fury is resulting in a sales bonanza and they are looking forward to "2,000,000 hits!!!" ... if I've told you once, I've told you 2,000,000 times, don't exagerate. <g>

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