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Only because it was brought up i feel i have to add in regards to college attendance. Every teacher i had in college that one could say was die hard liberal or obviously democrat taught classes in everything outside of business and history. The few liberals that did teach business and history had NEVER had meaningful employment outside of academics or something in relation. The best teachers i had were workers first, then teachers.

I had an economics professor in 2007 that was a die hard Keynesian fan (though very intelligent as far as i could tell). I asked him what about debt? he said it wont matter due to the way we handle our debt. Though now we are seeing the results of that idea I.e. credit downgrade.

my 2 best teachers however were from my last semester before graduating. One was an Ex-fund manager for a very large firm and the other was an expert on interstate and international trade regulations. He retired to teaching.

The reason i bring this up is to illuminate the differences between being well educated and intelligent or even lucky enough to make a decision that will result in a better outcome. I once had an argument with an ex Notre Dame law professor on politics. I had a class with just him and I over one summer semester. We got the class aspect done in about 20 minutes and the rest of the time we would speak philosophy for an hour or so. He brought up how we should respect everyone's points and ideas in regards to politics. I disagree to an extent, though we should let everyone have a say and allow everyone to have their beliefs, there is a right and a wrong way to handle a situation. If its wrong to point out either one being wrong then there is no point in even caring anymore. You can have an idea, but if your wrong, you need to re-evaluate why you have your idea and what may not be as correct in your assumptions as you had hoped. I know its very run around but i feel it may help some... The point is, as ideliver pointed out, watch out with your attacks based on generalities, insult those the reside in one state (not tongue in cheek at least) and your really just showing your patronizing and sometimes arrogant attitude towards many, dare i even say....elitist (your name makes more sense in this ironic context). If you really wanted to bring something up about a state you could bring up the fact that all of the most educated states, according to you, have very little ability to properly budget. But you know what scotch i cant believe all of these firms are leaving these brilliantly enlightened states to head to backward southern/middle American states...

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