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Can someone straighten me out on what is today's latest conspiracy theory?

I hear now that people who have a soft spot for Bin Laden are crying that he didn't have a gun or a bomb in his hands when he was shot and killed, as if we should be sorry for poor Osama having his rights violated. Now are you talking about when he was supposedly killed back in 2001, when some conspiracy theories say Bin Laden was killed?

Or are you talking about last week, when Bin Laden WASN'T killed without a gun or bomb in his hands according to the conspiracy theorists? You know, the killing that Bush should get credit for, even though Bin Laden supposedly isn't dead?

I'm trying to figure out why people would be complaining about a guy who isn't dead being killed without having a gun or bomb in their hands, all while he's been dead since 2001, but Bush should get credit for killing him again in 2011?

I can't quite follow the logic of some folks.