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Originally Posted by MontegoGoGoGo View Post
We are obsessed with it. Actually, I think I've been drinking it for 15 years.

I do know it counts as a water serving, but not AS good as plain water.

We like to cook, and don't drink much alcohol (i.e. wine with meals) and water is just too bland with food, try to stay away from soda, so I find tea to be a nice alternative.

Anyone else drink lots of it?
I probably drink 3/4 gallon of tea or lemonade a day.

I've heard rumors that it causes cancer, but so does everything, right?

Anyone have good combos, lol.
I like to do the "Arnold Palmer" with 1/2 regular tea and 1/2 lemonade.
I also like the peach tea flavor.
Fuck yeah! That Berry Green tea stuff is the shit!