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Originally Posted by sharp1183
Ha ha! Gotcha! Jury duty (at least in PA) goes by if you have a driver's license and not if you're registered to vote!

And I don't think listing your ethnic background has anything to do with being politically correct or not. Yes I'm American, but I don't want to forget where my great-grandparents came from either...that's important to me. No hidden political agenda intended .
All I'm saying is that I'm tired of this -American nonsense. We are all feakin Americans. Why do we have so say cuban-a, mexican-a, african-a. Tired of it - it's one big freakin melting pot here and we are all Americans. Enough already.

My family (if traced back) came from all different countries and backgrounds. I don't give a rat's ass. You are what you are - you do your thing here and follow the laws (and aren't an illegal) - it's cool by me.