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Originally Posted by johnnymu View Post
Dude seriously I was being sarcastic when I made that comment about California. I was just pointing out their is no corelation to last month
But there IS a direct correlation. Take for example the LAST time the jobs report was released. Right in the middle of Obama giving a presser on how bad the jobs report was that was being released that morning, the CNBC Financial Beauty Queen repeatedly blamed Obama for the Dow dropping that morning. She even went so far as to say that there was NOTHING else going on in the market, so the Dow was going down just because Obama was speaking to the press.

This is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of Obama announcing a worse than expected jobs report!

Every single example of you idiots tying Obama speeches to the Dow, there was other news going on that obviously was affecting the Dow. Just like today. So there is a direct correlation between today and all that was said before the market had it's upturn.

So while you are backing down and saying you are sarcastic TODAY, you still defend all the other times you weren't sarcastic. And all the other times you and all the other right-wing nutters weren't being sarcastic, there were other market forces in play, just like today.

Do you even remember what important economic information was released the day after Obama gave his mini state of the union speech? The one you pretended couldn't have impacted the Dow, that it must have been Obama's speech which was released ONE FULL TRADING DAY before the market dropped? I'm sure you don't, because you were busy seriously blaming Obama for the Dow.