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Originally Posted by Shinobi View Post
  • I saw that on the BMW UK site, that the "stated" 0-62 numbers for a 335i are 5.5s manual, and 5.7s automatic.
  • In the states, the 0-60 numbers for a 335i are 5.3s for a manual and 5.5s for an auto.
  • Of course, as some people here will be very quick to remind you, the 335s have been testing 0-60at 4.8s with either tranny.
  • The e46 M3's stated numbers are 5.2s 0-62mph and the e92 M3s number is 4.8s.
  • e46 M3s stated 0-60 is 4.8s, but I think at best they were tested at 4.6s.
How is the e46:
0-62.5 5.2 sec
0-60 4.8 sec

I didnt know it takes 0.4 sec for a marginal 2.5 mph