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BMWs scare me. They are just too fast, no one needs that kind of capability on American streets. Purpose-built to break the laws of the land, only a radical sociopath would want or own one. You can tell they are dangerous by the low aspect tires, chrome exhaust tips, aggressive flared fenders, expensive sunglasses on the dash.

I propose we restrict the following (so I'll feel safer):
-After market exhausts (too loud, stock is good enough)
-Lightweight wheels (unsprung weight is normal, why avoid it?)
-Aggressive tires (165/75 14s are just fine for everyone)
-High octane fuel (regular can get you the 90 hp you need)
-High revving engines (who needs more than 2000 rpm--no one!)
-Spoilers (no need for them at 55 mph and slower)
-Multi-valves, radical cams, goes on.

I'm hoping to get some legislation rammed through quickly before anyone challenges me or asks any questions about how effective my recommendations will be at solving my angst. Bottom line--you don't need any of these things, because I say so.