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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
The idea of UN is great, if all sides would respect it 100%.
We're the first one to spit on it...when they do not vote the way we wanted them to.
The Security Council is a good idea, but should be expanded, and should definitely include like 3 (less significant) countries with the power of veto.

The UN was created to make sure what is happening today does not happen -- the mst powerful can do whatever they want, therefore, causing unstable governments (NK, Iran...) to seak their protection by acquiring or making the WMD...ultimately leading to the end.

The world courts -- I am all for it. If you're going to demand to exterdite Milosevic, Mladic, Karadzic to Hague for the crimes thay may have done, why not send those that did Haifa crap there too??? Because the USA did not want to agree with it. Why not?? Because our arrogance tells us that only we're right and no one else. If those Europeans kill civilians -- they are bad and need to go to Hague. If we do it...we'll deal with them...

All I'd like to see is justice out there...
Can you name three nations that have violated Chapter VII UN Security Council Resolutions?

I can, North Korea, Iraq, and Iran.

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