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Originally Posted by 2008GT500 View Post
M3 faster than a modded C6? Nicer car, but not faster. M3's are quick not fast.
You cant compare the C6 and M3 in terms of power, but there are plenty more factors that you can compare. C6 was way faster, but I have only been to the track 3 times in the past 3 years. I'm more of a street driver and use my cars to commute and just go out on the weekends. I know, your probably thinking, "Why the hell does this guy own fast cars if he doesn't track?" Well, I just never got into it because I am very busy with school and just life. Plus, the closest drag strip I know of is in Baytown and I hate driving down there.

I was initially going to buy an M3 3 years ago but they discontinued the e46, so I said screw it...I didn't want an e46 and see the new M3 out 2 years later. I wanted a car that was new for 2006, so I went with the vette.

Today, after owning 2 C6's, 2nd one being pretty heavily modified, I can say that I will never forget the pure power, but I just couldn't live with the interior and comfort. The vette is awesome and cheap to mod, waaay cheaper than the M. However, I just needed a comfortable car and more than 2 seats. I had always wanted an M, and then I fell in love with the E92, so I searched and searched and searched. I found my car in Daytona Beach, Florida. It was one of the last 08's in DCT, new, loaded with a carbon roof, so I had to go for it. A few days later, I sold the vette to a local and bought the M3. In terms of comfort, luxury and looks, I am pretty much satisfied. I do miss the vettes power, but the M3 is still quick enough for me and I am just starting to play around with it (modifying and what not), so I am expecting it to be even quicker soon.

But yeah, sorry for explaining my life story but that's the reason I went with the M. I know the power isn't there like it used to be, but overall it is just a much better car to get into. Plus, I see like 10 corvettes a day here in Houston. M3's...not so many.
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