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Originally Posted by akssriva View Post
Well, by buying an M3, you're already stepping out of the simple zone so might as well spend a little more. The Tech Pkg is highly reccomended.
Man! It's becoming more and more harder to skip the Tech pkg....But I guess I'm still not so much of a fan for the Tech stuff....

Originally Posted by Cab5er View Post
I'm in love with a stripper
Same here...hahahaha

Originally Posted by MTROIS View Post
If you want a "stripper" then:

- why do you get Leather seats? You should get the speed cloth (which btw looks very sporty).

- Alarm system is useless in my opinion.

- The tech package is a more tricky answer to answer:

* the Nav system is not the best and it is easier to upgrade your Tom/Tom or Garmin when it dies.
* MDM mode is not the most important; whether you drive it with DSC or not (if you are a good driver).
* On the other hand the EDC, Servotronic and Power controls could be more useful if you plan on going on a track from time to time, but again, not key for everyday use.

- also, are the folding seats still an option on the e90? I would recommend you get that if you want to load skis or something in your car someday.

My 2 cents.
i am getting the "speed cloth". It's a cloth and leather combo. I've also heard that the BMW nav is not all that. The rear folding seats may not come of any use to me. The alarm I feel may come useful.

Originally Posted by Silvertige View Post
+1. Might as well save on the Alarm if your going the stripper route.
Maybe...but the Alarm lets me know that my M3 is secure.

Originally Posted by DevJ View Post
Sup man? Glad you decided to go with an '09! I would really suggest you to still go with the tech package...i can give you a call whenever I'm in the area and give you a ride and what not in my car if you want...since the dealership won't really let you get on it there lol

BTW, awesome color choice! I have yet to see an Interlagos Blue in person!
Thanks Man!

Originally Posted by niqui View Post
i much prefer the 18s to the 19s, maybe it has to do with a dark exterior. if the 19s were stock and the 18s were the 2k option, i would probably get them, they make the car.

i would get an 08 if i were you; you arent looking for lots of options, you seem price-conscious, and i dont know if you are really fussy, but i see no reason in ordering unless i know exactly what i want to the tee.
Same here. i think the 18"s are seriously under-rated. I'm choosing to order since it'll let me have it exactly the way I would like it

Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post

Good for you!