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i think this, and pretty much all the TO controversies this year, are OVERLY INFLATED by ESPN and the sports media to garner ratings. i'm so sick of espn, they're like nazi germany when it comes to propaganda. i can't even stand to watch that crap anymore. if someone drops a pen in the cowboys locker room, espn claims the cowboys are falling apart, which then perpetuates throughout the entire rest of the media. it's fucking ridiculous. cowboys players and assistant coaches should not even be allowed to talk to the media, then this shit wouldn't happen. most true cowboys fans, like myself, aren't worried about TO ruining our team, because most true cowboys fans don't see it like the rest of the world sees it. everyone wants us to fail so bad because we've got all these big egos. here in dallas, we don't give a shit what you guys think. all these EXTERIOR influences are trying to tear the team apart. i don't think there is much going on inside the team that is too's the media that gets it and blows the shit way out of proportion. /end rant