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Originally Posted by inabis View Post
I have an Iphone and i love the damn thing. Presently the Iphone is the best phone for apps/internet out there. Blackberry will have an app store coming out as well but they'll be just as stringent as Apple is when it comes to programs. However, although the G1 just came out it has the most potential of all of these phones. I know Google just got rid of a lot of the programs from their store (since a lot of them were in the beta phase) but the simple fact that it's not regulated opens a world of possibilities.

I hate the fact I can't tether my phone to my laptop. If i'm paying for the data plan then why not?
It also opens the world of malicious, poorly written apps that can fuck up the phone. Regulated over 99% free for me( Google announced they can remotely disable apps like Apple has implemented).