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We are all aware of the source of all the bullets/fragments which struck the innocent bystanders. That's not what I asked you to clarify. Pretty funny everyone who thinks the entire sequence of events was precipitated only by the standoff itself. There's more to the situation than that.

But I'm sure in your infinite professional training and experience in such situations that you would have heroically tackled the guy and kept everyone safe from harm, right? I don't think so. So how about we let the investigation find out exactly what opportunities were there and whether the cops should have acted differently as the shooter raised his weapon and/or fired at them.... Easy to be armchair QB. Let's also not pretend that this wasn't precipitated by a brutal murder in a high profile area with very few facts and little information about the gunman and his motives before the standoff.

I fully expect the LEOs involved to be disciplined if they are to be found in the wrong. Also, I'm very glad only non-life-threatening injuries were reported. We should be thankful of that. I personally think you should come forward with your unique evidence of the opportunity of a "clean take-down" because that would be incredibly important evidence in such a case.

EDIT: WTF is this issue doing in this thread anyway?