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Originally Posted by gr8one88 View Post
dear guy who likes cars,
every guy likes cars....
enthusiasts actually love cars and appreciate every experience associated with driving.
DUH e92 is faster....super dee dooper ya pooper scooper(I also love the e92) but not compared to the e46/e39 m3/m5 height of BMW M glory
e46 is a better driving experience. just as the e39 is slower than an e60 m5 but the e39 is the sexiest most fun to drive classy most respected m5 ever. this is the same case with the e46 compared with e9x
this is the unfortunate reality of the dumbing/watering down of the M crowd.
its just ever so slightly heavier and 10% less raw pure driving experience. its just not as sharp period. you cant deny that.
it compensates for this with that N/A high rev V8 that sounds glorious!!!!!! not unlike your need for compensating for your smaller displacement in life.
so next time you feel like you are better or smarter than those around you...
just remember you are from what i can guess LEASING a car that has less cred among the true M connoisseur. and keep in mind that these restrained words and opinion are coming from someone who has owned e36 e46 e92 e39 and e60's M cars. so at least have enough respect for yourself to keep your unintelligence and irrelevance at a minimum...mmk? didn't your mother tell you if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all?!

A guy who is a car enthusiast.

p.s. what exactly was it that you were trying to get at??? what is the thought process behind hmm "if this was just an excuse to put up pics of blue BMWs, whatever makes you happy. I chose the E92 not because of the color but because its an E92" ???

sorry for the rambling but if you go out of your way say unnecessary crap u got another thing coming. respect the thread

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