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Active Autowerke 3.0 Software + AA Test Pipes

About two weeks ago I spoke with Karl and he said that he had new software for me to try and see how I liked it. First off let me go by saying this, coming from a supercharged E46 M3, this car felt very restricted in the midrange power band. It felt like something was holding it back. Karl assured me that this was a new 3.0 version Software Tune and it will be well worth it.

So I drop my car off to AA for the software install. Once I picked it up, Karl tells me to drive it and see if I notice a difference. I have always heard mixed results about software when it comes to the S65 engine, so I wasn’t expecting to feel anything really. But I was totally wrong. First thing I noticed that the car revved a lot smoother. It seems like the restriction that I complained about wasn’t as evident as before. After speaking with Karl, he explained that although the car didn’t make much peak power, it did make a lot more during the mid range where it is actually useable. I can definitely say the car made a huge improvement throughout the part throttle driving ranges. There is definitely a noticeable difference. Not only does the butt Dyno say more power, but the car itself feels faster. Night and day compared to stock.

But it wasn’t enough……….

One week later and I decided to install the AA drop in filter and test pipes. All I can say is WOW!! I don’t know how come BMW didn’t make the car like this from the factory. There is no restriction in the midrange (atleast that I can notice). The car pulls hard all the way to redline and seems as if it doesn’t want to stop . The sound hasn’t changed much, just gotten a little raspier (coming from a E46 that's not a problem) and more refined. I am still using my stock exhaust but that will be changed out in the next week or so. I have driven the car about 700 miles and I have to say it feels awesome. I think everyone should have test pipes fitted to their car. Even with the stock muffler it makes a difference.

Active Autowerke did dyno my car but the numbers were reading very low. I will post the Dyno chart once I get home. They are suppose to be getting their dyno calibrated in the coming weeks. I will be performing another Dyno once it's calibrated and I get my exhaust installed.