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This year I had the pleasure of owning a boss 302, m6 and a z06. I was able to get track time on 2 this year as well...

I figured with just a 200lb weight penalty over an m3 but a 100hp advantage it would be an m3 killer, but alas the overall design of the car being a gt cruiser killed the performance on the track. The major downfall was the under steer and the bus size steering wheel. The power train was amazing once in its power band and the smg felt in its elements when doing full throttle shifts. It literally felt like every gear had the same amount of thrust as the last up to my tested 170mph. The interior was nice,especially with my extended leather package but felt aged in comparison to an e92 interior. The rear seats are smaller than an e92 as well! Ultimately I enjoyed the ride but was underwhelmed by the track performance and track oriented mods. And I never did get over that catfish looking frontend...

Boss 302...
I loved everything about this car except the jittery rear end on bumpy roads. Contrary to what many think, the 5.0 in the boss is completely different from a gt. the top end is designed to rev to 9k, the internals are all forged, and the stock block has proven to make 1k whp w just a blower! The power band is a perfect blend of torque and high end power. It revs effortlessly to its 7500 rpm redline. The handling limits on this is very progressive which makes it easy to drive and get great times. This is one of the most neutrally balanced cars I've ever driven. No hint of understeer or oversteer, whether on an embankment, off camber or neutral turn. The steering had enough feedback even though its not hydraulic. But I'm guessing most of you guys are wondering how it compares with the m3 on the track...

Luckily, thanks to mthrice, I was able to drive the boss and e92 m3 back to back at streets of willow. The boss has the better power train hands down! But the m3 makes up for it with its razor sharp steering and controlled body motions ultimately giving it a lot more confidence, where the boss takes a bit of blind faith that it will stay on track.

I honestly haven't had the car long But i can definitely agree with others reviews regarding the interior. Here's the best paraphrase to sum it up "if I had a leather jacket that was made of the same leather on the vette seats, I would be embarrassed to donate it to goodwill" lol! But this car isn't about the interior or its refinement but rather its raw performance. Once your situated in the car, the view is good and the car feels extremely wide. Surprisingly the car is free of squeaks, relative to the targa c6. The power is relentless, but the m6 feels like it would give it a good run on the highway, although the results were different( I pulled 5 cars on my m6 on the highway in one gear!). I've only driven this thing in the canyon once and the car in a word was amazing! The size instantly shrinks and the long accelerator pedal is perfectly proportioned to throttle response. I'll report back once I get some track time on this car this weekend at Laguna seca!

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