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Originally Posted by Mr.D View Post
Gents, I've put through my 2011 M3 ZCP order, for April Delivery, and I can confirm the following:

1. 19" GTS Wheels but in Silver
2. EDC Upgrade
3. 10MM Lower Springs

Its priced at approx. $4500 Canadian IIRC.

Few more notes -- as Mark and I have been sharing our dialogue with BMW Canada:

1. Frozen Grey is available, but not until August Production, as the UK has all of the Frozen Grey spots until then. Apparently, in March, the UK will receive a Frozen Grey edition..don't know the contents except colour.

2. Black Trim (Grill, Exhaust, etc) from the 2010 Edition Model is NOT available..the supplier ended production and they won't do one-offs anymore. I pressed and pressed, but no dice..

3. Black GTS wheels ARE available, but not until August production (IE after the GTS are delivered to customers)

4. Other note: I tried ordering the BMW Performance seats as an individual item, to no avail.

Hope this helps everyone..
The 19" M wheels cost $2000 CAD, if the GTS wheels were available as a standalone option it would cost ~$3000. So it comes down to $1500 for new EDC setting and 10mm lower ride height. Some people may spend the extra 1500 just to get the package and some may not. If it were me, I would spend the extra $1500 to get the whole package.