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As an alternative to the 9500ci, any of the 8500/9500 windshield-mount detectors will link to and pair with the ZR4 shifter. The ZR4 has a control module that supports an interface cable (including power) to and from the detector. The detector will display anything the shifter is doing, as well as support the mute and disable features of the ZR4 system. You essentially do not need the ZR4 display module if you are using it with an Escort detector.

I installed a ZR4 and an 8500 on my R1200RT and it works well, for about $800. This setup doesn't have the GPS features (I can't really use themon a bike anyway) of the 9500ci, but it costs about half as much and you can still move your detector to another vehicle if you ever need to.
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