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What is your reasoning for wanting to upgrade?

Are you dissatisfied with the stock brakes?

To answer your question, it appears to me that this upgrade is not available for the M3. Not sure why it wouldn't be applicable, but the site says it is not available for the M3. Frankly, I am not convinced you would notice any better braking performance with this kit.

Again, I think it would help us help you if you listed your needs/wants out of the brake upgrade. If you are looking for better performance over a completely stock system I would recommend upgrading the pads as well as adding stainless lines and a high temp fluid. I think you will notice a bump in performance, without having to buy an entire kit, especially if you are hitting the track. If you have already tried that, and still find yourself disatisfied then a stoptech/brembo kit is the next logical step.

There is a reason BMW used the brake setup they did on the M3, and didn't use a kit like they offer for their performance line. Most users will never exceed the braking capabilities of the stock brakes. If you are doing it for aesthetic reasons then disregard most of what I have said.