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Originally Posted by adc View Post
On my first test drive of an Evo VIII, on the first corner as we exited the dealer's lot, I had the car in a beautiful 4 wheel drift. My wife shot me this incredibly admiring and incredulous glance. I could have taken the credit, but that wasn't me by any shot - it was the clever AWD doing the heavy lifting, and I was just there for the ride.

It was the same thing all over in the GT-R, just happening at a higher rate of speed.

To be totally honest I get more thrills out of driving my 93 Miata on the same fast & winding roads. I just sneak out of the house at night, drop the top and terrorize the night insects with my 100BHP monster lol.
I was with you till the Miata comment! LOL (Just kidding!)

Trust me... in my days racing in Touring 2... I HATED watching these guys in their unlimted Boost, AWD subi's & Evo's... take corners absolutely ASS BACKWARDS... and just full on counter lock the wheel... foot to the floor, and just pull out ahead, while I was having to 'moderate' throttle, and actually drive the 'line' unwind the wheel etc..

Originally Posted by adc View Post
A lot of people complain about BMW's manual transmission and I'm sure there's a lot to criticize, but a funny thing happens with it on track - it just seems to get out of the way and just lets you do your thing.
Yes... because on the 'road course' you never need to shift 1st to 2nd... (a huge weakness in the trans)... and also because on a road course, 'smooth consistency' is far more valuable than absolute speed... but I finally got sick and tired of my M3 Manual, grinding under the occasional freeway 'race' encounter from even 3 to 4... that I had to move on... just couldn't accept it in a $60K car IMO
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