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Originally Posted by ksflatlander View Post
You put on eisenman race and wonder why people look at you? You are broadcasting that you WANT to be looked at. You are also advertising that your car has some power and that will attract people to want to race you. Those things happen to those with stock M3's let alone when you purposefully turn up the volume.

And, you are getting "weird" looks because some people have NO CLUE what an M3 is, so when they hear the sound out of a full on sports car coming out of a sedan or mid-sized coupe, they look at you funny. That's normal too.

So bottom line, if you don't like the attention, put your stock exhaust back on. I suspect you do though, so you'll just have to deal with getting what you are asking for.
Well my 99.5% stock ZCP coupe gets a lot of attention. Much more than what I would have imagined. While it is not in-you-face sporty in terms of looks, it is aggressive enough that it makes people look and wonder even if they don't know exactly what it is. And a lot of people try to race me, especially on the highway.
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