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Need help and advice please!

Hello everyone
i am new to this site and my first m3.long story short ,finally after waiting 3 month i got my car 4 days ago,space grey,red in side,18" stock polish silver rim,I changed my oem exhaust to eismanne race exhaust with connection pipes after an hour after i picked the car from delaer.
Since the first day i got the car, Every freaking car on the traffic or road try to race me,(a honda accort,maxima,a s550,)i swer i noticed ,they do it right after they hear my car and see it.People look at me like weird on the light or when i cruise,A cop stopped me last night ,he pulled over to my side window and he was like 'i saw that you had your phone in your hand,i said officer my phone is in my pocket and it was!he didnt know what to say , then he felt like a dick and just go,i on porpusly did not tint the windows,
so my question for you guys,do this things happens to every m3 owner or only me?